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As a world class training provider, we have seen on an ever increasing basis, many delegates coming to us as dissatisfied customers of inexperienced trainers or professionals elsewhere. Our corporate social responsibility in this regard, therefore, is to help establish genuine and complete professional training. Our primary objective is to engage our delegates directly and enrich their professional knowledge base with contemporary on-the-job practical technical know-how rather than just static theories.

Our Goal

Our Approach

We achieve this by providing a focused world class training package without frills via either online, classroom and client location channels. Our unique training formula engages our candidates at whatever level they are and elevates them to the highest levels of mastery that suparsses the average market standards. Our system works because we have managed to optimise our training process by eliminating information overload, streamlining unnecessary training overheads and maximising our leverage of those aspects in knowledge transfer management that secures our delegates full comprehension of the subject matter consistently in every training batch. 


We offer full and intensive weekend classes so that professionals delegates can learn and practice at ease without the distraction and inconvenience of workday time off planning. Our candidates gain first hand industry knowledge from live scenario practice courses and real life project case studies from experienced and knowledgeable trainers that are actual professionals in the industry. Our training methods validates theory with practical experience using modern communication and collaboration tools for both classroom and online delegates. 


Each class has at least two trainers in order to directly provide both group and one-on-one knowledge transfer. All we ask is that candidates are committed and we promise to deliver a training experience that will not only make them competent in their field, but, also gives them the absolute confidence required to utilise and communicate their expertise in order to provide workable solutions to real industry challenges at the end of their training programme with us.

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