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Course Structure

 1. Kanban Kaizen - (KK41) - Prerequisite - None. 
 2. LEAN - (LL41) - Prerequisite - None. 

The course runs over 1 weekend (2 weekend days). We recommend both courses taken  together to achieve a  comprehensive readiness of candidates for the industry at the end of the courses. We offer a  10% discount for  candidates that enroll for both courses. All our courses prepares candidates for both  Practical Industry  Knowledge and Certification (where available). 

Kanban Kaizen - (KK41)
 History of Kanban
 The Principles of Kanban
 Visualising Work in an Organisation
 Work In Process
 Limiting "Work In Process"
 Managing Flow
 Theory of Constraints 
 Explicit Process Policies
 Implementing Feedback Loop
 Collaborative Improvement
 Experimental Evolution
 Process Improvement
 Classification of Service
 Planning and Estimating
 How to Use Metric for Improvements
 What Kanban is Not
 Kanban in Practice
 What is Kaizen
 Continuous Improvement 
 Plan/Do/Check and Mo
 Flow Kaizen

 Process Kaizen
 Enabling Respect
 5 Why's
 Fishbone Analysis

LEAN - (LL41)
 What is Lean
 How have Organisations benefited from Lean
 5 Principles of Lean The Scrum Theory
 Identify Value by Eliminating Waste
 Mapping The Value Stream
 Creating Flow and Establish Pull
 Facilitating Perfection
 Facilitating Knowledge
 Facilitating Quality
 Facilitating Respect
 Facilitating Fast Delivery
 Dealing with Commitment (Defer)
 Optimizing the Whole
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