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 1. Business Analyst - Traditional (BAT11) - Prerequisite - 1 week Pre-course Textbook Study. 
 2. Business Analyst - Agile (BAA12) - Prerequisite - Course (BAT11) or already certified, qualified by experience  Business Analyst. 

 Both courses run over 2 weekends (4 weekend days). We recommend both courses taken  together to achieve a comprehensive readiness  of candidates for the industry at the end of the courses. We offer a  10% discount for candidates that enroll for both courses. All our courses  prepares candidates for both  Practical Industry Knowledge and Certification (where available). 


Course Structure

Business Analysis - Traditional (BAT11)
 The Business Analysis 
 The Business Analyst Role vs Project Manager Role
 The Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)

 Requirement Engineering
 Requirement Elicitation Techniques
 Requirement Analysis Techniques
 Requirement Document Types
 Requirement Change Management
 Stakeholder and Conflict Management 

 Business Process Modelling 
 Core Business Analyst Tools 
 Live Project Scenarios and Case Studies
 Practice with industry standard tools

 Certification Prep Services (Optional)
 Business Analyst CV Services (Optional)
Business Analysis - Agile (BAA12)
 Introduction to Agile Practice
 Scrum, Kanban, XP and LEAN
 The Agile team
 The Agile Events

 The Agile Business Analyst
 Traditional vs Agile Approach
 Planning, Discovery, Development and Delivery Phases
 Types of Iterations
 User Stories and Use Cases
 Acceptance Criteria and Scenario Description 
 Digital Transformation in Practice

 The Product Owner Proxy
 The Product Backlog
 The Release Backlog
 The Sprint Backlog 
 Backlog Management
 Requirement Elaboration
 Live Project Scenarios and Case Studies
 Practice with industry standard tools

 Agile Business Analyst CV Services (Optional)
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